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Course Objective

  • Explain the meaning of each clause within FIDIC contracts
  • Identify the risks within each form of contract
  • Apply proper management of claims to construction projects from the perspective of employer’s, contractor’s or engineer’s personnel
  • Prepare and respond to claims professionally following FIDIC procedures and requirements
  • Resolve matters at the project level in a timely manner, whilst maintaining good relations with the other party

Target Audience

  • project managers
  • engineers
  • quantity surveyors
  • contract managers
  • contract administrators
  • planners
  • project controls
  • claims consultants.

Course Outline

Introduction to the FIDIC forms of contracts and claims

  • FIDIC terminology
  • FIDIC books
  • Red book
  • Yellow book
  • Silver book
  • Gold book
  • Books differences
  • Books usages
  • Definition of a claim
  • What may be claimed?
  • Risks within each form of contract

Employer’s claims

  • Clauses that allow the employer to claim from the contractor
  • Procedures to follow
  • What may be claimed under different circumstances
  • Principles for making a claim

Contractor’s claims

  • Clauses that provide entitlement to the contractor to make a claim
  • Procedures to follow
  • What may be claimed under different circumstances
  • Principles for making a claim


  • Definition
  • Calculating quantum
  • Extensions of time
  • Cost
  • Profit


  • Requirements for various notices
  • What a notice should contain
  • How notices should be submitted
  • When notices should be submitted
  • Consequences of not giving notice

Procedure and presentation of contractor’s claims

  • FIDIC procedure
  • FIDIC requirements for a claim submission
  • Presenting a claim professionally
  • Reaching resolution in a timely manner

The engineer’s responses and determinations

  • The purpose of an engineer’s response
  • What should be included within the response
  • Procedure for dealing with claims
  • Meeting the engineer’s obligations
  • Avoiding disputes​​​​​​​


  • Advantages of the dispute adjudication board
  • How should the board be appointed?
  • The elements of an effective board
  • Costs and cost savings
  • The arbitration process​​​​​​​

The perfect claim

  • Bringing it all together – How to compile and present a claim
  • Example of a claim document
  • How financial models can be used to improve business decision-making
  • Practical skills in designing financial models using Excel
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