Oil & Gas Technology
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Course Objective

  • To conceive and follow a Refinery shutdown schedule.
  • To learn about strict works schedule for Refinery Turnaround planning in the different departments involved in a unit shutdown.
  • To provide an up-to-date information on present and future trends processes of oil refining.
  • Will have better understanding the causes of Turnaround failures and
  • How to overcome the issues
  • Understand the importance to have proper Turnaround Management process
  • To enhance the company’s turnaround management capabilities, and to ensure a team approach in the planning and execution of plant shutdowns and turnarounds
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of effective turnaround management techniques and implementation
  • Create awareness of planning methods and an integrated organisational approach in the execution of successful turnarounds
  • Incorporate latest developments in turnaround planning and management techniques and emerging industry trends
  • Have a much clearer understanding of their own and every other team members role in ensuring a successful turnaround

Target Audience

  • Managers and supervisors involved in turnaround planning, scheduling, and execution and all personnel responsible for the planning, scheduling, management and execution of the turnaround. It includes, among others, the plant manager, maintenance manager, turnaround manager, turnaround planner/scheduler and field supervisors.
  • Often the maintenance manager will also act as the turnaround manager. Also, field supervisors could consist of contractor personnel.
  • Refinery   Turnaround Directors or Shutdown Managers and Coordinators
  • Planning/Scheduling and Cost Control Staff
  • Construction Superintendents and Supervisors
  • Operations Shutdown/Outage Coordinators
  • Project Managers, Engineers and Contract Administrators
  • Plant Managers
  • Inspection groups
  • Maintenance groups Participation from Contracts & Procurement, HSE group and Engineering groups are also
  • Encouraged.
  • Mechanical engineers with at least five years’ experience in the turnaround or maintenance area in an oil refinery.

Course Outline

Turnaround Strategy

  • Introduction to Refinery Turnaround, Shutdown.
  • Turnaround Management and Philosophy
  • Milestone Plans
  • Work Scope
  • Why Turnarounds and Shutdowns are required
  • Key success factors in Turnaround Management performance
  • Barriers in the implementation of the Turnaround Management
  • Long term strategic plans
  • Turnaround risk management
  • Formation of turnaround organization ,roles & responsibilities

Turnaround Tactics & Preparation

  • The shutdown and turnaround phases
  • Scope development process
  • Inspection
  • Capital projects and plant modifications
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Cost estimation
  • Cost Management
  • Turnaround Planning
  • Contracting
  • Contract strategy-types of contracts and contractors

  • Process Operations
  • Projects/Engineering

Turnaround Execution Plan

  • Strategic Planning
  • Scope Control
  • Detailed planning
  • Resources planning
  • Quality planning and management
  • HSSE planning and HSSE Management
  • Revision and review of procedures
  • Procurement and Materials Management Trainings
  • Contingency and risk mitigation plans
  • Pre Turnaround planning
  • Execution and Cost Control
  • Dealing with emergent and additional works
  • Communication and progress reports
  • Turnaround Performance KPIs
  • Turnaround Readiness Assessment
  • Turnaround Closure and Lessons Learnt
  • Close Out Assessment

Other Aspects of Turnaround planning, scheduling & cost estimation

  • Material Procurement Problems
  • Organizational Problems
  • Communication Problems
  • Safety/Health/Environmental
  • Logistics/Security Problems
  • Execution Problems
  • Closeout Problems
  • Pre-Turnaround Reviews Problems
  • Emphasis will be placed on planning, scheduling, and management of turnarounds. Work selection, which is a key factor to turnaround duration and cost, will be discussed and a methodology presented to optimize the work scope.
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