Technical, Engineering & Maintenance
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Course Objective

  • Learn how to conduct visual and exploratory investigation of damaged concrete structures and determine ways on how to locate and monitor delaminated concrete, voids, cracks, honeycombs, etc
  • Explain the principles of rehabilitation including methods to prevent defects in concrete, rehabilitation methods against corrosion damage and determine the required properties of repair materials and systems in concrete structure
  • Understand the various types of damage that can affect concrete and reinforced concrete structures and be familiar with their effects in the assessment and rehabilitation of the structures
  • Explain the surface repair of concrete structures, list material requirements, reinforcing steel cleaning, repair & protection and be familiar with the placement methods that are applied to the concrete structures
  • Employ the proper procedure for strengthening and stabilization of concrete structures including the techniques/design considerations, List down the codes and standards used in the assessment and rehabilitation of concrete structures and identify the design precautions for carbonation and chloride ingress
  • Know the method of damage assessment including the identification of service and exposure conditions of concrete structures
  • Identify and apply the strategies and methods of protection of concrete structures
  • Be familiar with risk-based maintenance strategy as well as the required repair time, required time to start of corrosion, time required to start of deterioration and cost analysis for different protection methods
  • shear transfer strengthening between members, stress reduction techniques and crack stabilization

Target Audience

  • Civil engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Construction engineers
  • Material engineers

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Types of finishing materials
  • Properties and specifications of the modern finishing materials.

Day 2

  • Durability of the finishing materials
  • Steps of application to the finishing materials.
  • Common faults in application of finishing materials

Day 3

  • Types of retrofitting and repairing materials
  • Specification and properties to retrofitting and repairing materials.
  • The main function of the retrofitting and repairing materials

Day 4

  • Selecting the suitable material of repair.
  • Various techniques of repair.
  • Common faults of choosing the repairing techniques.

Day 5

  • Application for the repair material.
  • Common faults in application of repairing materials
  • Up-to-date materials used in repair
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